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Law Man

The cop on the corner must often get blue As he sits in his squad car with nothing to do. He nurses his coffee, he twiddles his thumbs While he waits for a speeder, but none ever comes. A disconsolate figure, he sits there alone, And I think to myself, “Should I throw him a [...]


Dawdler at the traffic light, Do you intend to take all night? It’s long been green, yet there you wait. Just what is there to contemplate? The cosmos on a turtle’s back? Recurring themes in Kerouac? The riddle of the ancient Sphinx? The strange allure of Jar Jar Binks? What means or method can there [...]


In stillness and tranquillity You contemplate the scene. Such imperturbability! You’re perfectly serene! Are you deep in meditation? Are you one with all creation? Well, forgive my agitation, But your goddamn light is green!