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Straight Shooter

With a show of remorse, Tiger’s back on the course And his shots are well putted and driven. Though he once was a player, an 18-a-dayer, It’s over, and all is forgiven. He’s fighting temptation with deep meditation, I think Theravada or Zen. He’s chastened and tame, he’s respecting the game. Okay, golf is boring [...]

Two Godly Men

Old Time Religion Observe the Reverend Robertson. Beneath his gentle mien Lie views of sin and punishment from Century Thirteen. I learned about that era in a favorite college class. And I’d gladly get medievalĀ on his ass! Scold That Tiger! How is it, Brit Hume, that you lightly presume To be Tiger’s religious adviser? The [...]

“Indefinite Hiatus”

To leave the game you love so well must feel like arrows through you. The lost endorsements must be hell, And yet that’s how they’ll do you. But as for us, except for dames Like Uchitel and Grubbs and James And Rist and some with unknown names, Tiger, we hardly knew you!