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Smarter Phone

The iPhone 5 is off and running! Now it’s faster loading apps. The taller, four-inch screen is stunning. Gotta love those 3-D maps! Its look is slim and iridescent, Plus it takes amazing pics. But sadly, now it’s obsolescent. Better wait for iPhone 6!

Out with the Deadwood

The path is cleared for innovation: Artificial cogitation, Robot servants, flying cars, Starbucks on the moon and Mars! A new 4-D computer screen, Phones that deconstruct Bakhtin! The future, brought to you by Mac. Jobs was holding Apple back!

App Fatigue

Perhaps you stayed up half the night To get your smart phone working right, Or maybe you were playing games  Or generating rock band names Or harvesting your Farmville fruit Or making Zwinkies extra cute Or wasting time on Google Chat. Exhausted?  There’s a nap for that!

This Is Your Brain on Technology

Neurologists have diagnosed a loss of concentration As gadgetry rewires our brains for byte-size information. Forget Recherche du Temps Perdu, Ulysses, Moby Dick… Our atrophied attention spans will leave us much too thick! So next time, give the Net a miss. Unless, of course, you’re reading this. 

Your Call Is Impotent To Us

Press One for billing inquiries. For new accounts, press Eighty. To hear this list en español, Please presiona siete. To hear Vivaldi once again, Press any key, then star. To spend more time in menu hell, Press F-U-B-A-R!