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Free Debate Advice

For presidential also-rans, advising is in vogue. While one says, “Be your charming self,” another says, “Go rogue!” “Take on the toughest issues, but with humor, sass and pith.” “Proclaim your constant faith in God, but not in Joseph Smith!” To weigh so many varied tips, You’ve got to be astute. Would you rather flop [...]

I Knew Shakespeare, I Studied Shakespeare… You’re No Shakespeare.

O Sarah, how thy word hath swept the nation! For malaprop thou hast a noble knack. Thou spakest of complete “refudiation” And suff’rest from the press no end of flak. One must admire thy lexical creation. ‘Tis almost as if Dubya now were back! And yet, forsooth, thou wert in no way serious. Thou merely [...]

Because she’s not getting enough airtime already…

Palin is pitching a show for TV! It may air on Fox, or perhaps NBC. With its scenes of Alaska, it’s stunning to view, But it suddenly ends when she quits halfway through.

Et Tu, Limbaugh?

The “R word” is a hateful slur That makes poor Sarah flush. How deeply it must trouble her To hear it used by Rush. I think the dude is off his meds. The proper term is “dittoheads!”

Maybe if it were Long Island iced…

The tea party’s on and reports have been leaking That others have bolted, but Palin is speaking. I guess the address would be something to see, But I’d need something stronger than tea!

No Required Reading

Little Sarah Palin couldn’t name a mag she read. She didn’t keep a “Newsweek” or a “Time” beside her bed. Neither “Harpers” nor “The Nation” ever made her reading list, Nor the one with all the fancy words, that darned “Economist!” She never looked at “Fortune” for the latest on the stocks. Which made her [...]