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A Public Apology

Mr. Limbaugh, I apologize. I humbly take it back. I sincerely never meant it As a personal attack. Perhaps it was an impudent And thoughtless thing to say, But I meant “disgusting pinworm” In the very nicest way! I regret that I described you As an ape without the class, That I said you were [...]

Et Tu, Limbaugh?

The “R word” is a hateful slur That makes poor Sarah flush. How deeply it must trouble her To hear it used by Rush. I think the dude is off his meds. The proper term is “dittoheads!”

Rushian Roulette

You’re out on a limb, Mr. Limbaugh. You’ve offended the left and the right. Your oafish orations on aid to the Haitians Have stunned both the black and the white! You’ve achieved what’s eluded Obama: Made the bickering parties agree. You’re out on a limb, Mr. Limbaugh, And quite possibly out of your tree!