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The Debate In Brief

R. I can make our nation strong. O. Everything you say is wrong! R. Attacking me gets nothing done. O. Wrong again! (Besides, it’s fun.) R. I’ll restore our fortunes fast! O. With policies from decades past? R. Chaos in the Middle East! O. Well, bin Laden’s gone at least! R. Can’t just kill our [...]

The Debate In Brief

R. Bring back jobs? I know how! O. Notice how I’m feisty now? R. Hey, I’ve got a five-point plan! O. Just ONE point, and I’m no fan. R. Oil production dropped. O. It grew! R. Did not! O. Did too! R. Did not! O. Did too! R. Numbers all add up. O. Since when? [...]

Herding Cats

Alas for Mr. Lehrer! Moderating was a terror! His attempts to curb the candidates were very seldom heard. They’d meander and delay, Adding “I’d just like to say,” Or a little more aggressively, “I get the final word!” With the questions open-ended, They were cocky and long-winded. He would try to keep them focused, but [...]