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The Debate In Brief

O. Tough four years, but we’ve made progress. R. Five-part plan, folks, vote for Mitt! O. He’ll cut taxes, five whole trillion! R. Not and raise the deficit! R. Growing debt’s a moral issue. O. Balance cuts with revenue. R. Dude, you’re just a job-destroyer. O. I am rubber, you are glue! O. “Entitlements” helped [...]

Free Debate Advice

For presidential also-rans, advising is in vogue. While one says, “Be your charming self,” another says, “Go rogue!” “Take on the toughest issues, but with humor, sass and pith.” “Proclaim your constant faith in God, but not in Joseph Smith!” To weigh so many varied tips, You’ve got to be astute. Would you rather flop [...]