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Elusive Glory

I wish I’d been chosen to find the Higgs boson. What wonders I’d witness, what secrets I’d learn! In spellbinding lectures with facts, not conjectures, I’d silence the skeptics and wow ‘em at CERN! I’d read from my article touting my particle. “Key to creation!” I’d say. “Yin and yang!” The geeks would be gawking.  [...]

Cruising for a Big Bang

Dr. Hawking, Dr. Hawking, Your remarks are truly shocking! A creator wasn’t needed For the universe, you say. Those entities you’re knocking Don’t take kindly to your mocking. There’ll be coal inside your stocking On this coming Christmas Day! Dr. Hawking, Dr. Hawking, Hear those theologians squawking! They’re exclaiming, “Gosh!” and “Darn it!” (Which is [...]