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Burma Shave for Intellectuals

Nietzsche’s frau was not so merry Because her Mensch was ├╝ber-hairy. –Burma Shave Parmenides was loath to see His stubbly growth could not not-be. –Burma Shave Einstein was no navel-gazer. He often borrowed Occam’s razor. –Burma Shave A rough-cheeked reasoner’s big rant: “I try to score with babes, but Kant!” –Burma Shave Sartre loved madame’s [...]

Static Eleatic

I knew a man Parmenides Who never moved a muscle. He stayed in bed like someone dead. He simply had no hustle. For subtle thought had formed in him A most peculiar notion. “Whatever is, cannot not be.” And that precluded motion. His wife would try to mend his ways (For frankly, she was pissed). [...]