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A Lackey’s Lament

I apologize sincerely  to the leader of BP. If you want to rape our nation’s shores, that’s A-OK by me! To assuage your wounded feelings, I’ll do anything you say. I will kiss your oily anus and I’ll call it crème brulée! I apologize for everyone who whimpers or complains, And it’s not about the [...]

Can We Contain It?

If Bob the Builder ran BP, No crude would now befoul the sea. He’d plug that pesky leak but good! Could he fix it?  Yes, he could! He’d confidently get it done And find a way to make it fun! But sadly, there’s no trace of Bob. Homer Simpson’s on the job!

Song of the Slick

We’re America’s oil men, our logo’s BP. We’re keeping this land independent and free! When the crude is offshore, it’s our duty to tap it. And some day we’re planning to learn how to cap it! Now spills are bad news.  We’re as worried as you. (We like our Filet-O-Fish sandwiches too!) But still we [...]