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The Debate In Brief

R. I can make our nation strong. O. Everything you say is wrong! R. Attacking me gets nothing done. O. Wrong again! (Besides, it’s fun.) R. I’ll restore our fortunes fast! O. With policies from decades past? R. Chaos in the Middle East! O. Well, bin Laden’s gone at least! R. Can’t just kill our [...]

The Debate In Brief

O. Tough four years, but we’ve made progress. R. Five-part plan, folks, vote for Mitt! O. He’ll cut taxes, five whole trillion! R. Not and raise the deficit! R. Growing debt’s a moral issue. O. Balance cuts with revenue. R. Dude, you’re just a job-destroyer. O. I am rubber, you are glue! O. “Entitlements” helped [...]

Memo from the Weenie In Chief

Mr. Speaker?  It’s the president. You busy?  Pardon me, But I’d like to speak to Congress When you’ve got a minute free. Don’t let me interrupt you If your hopefuls are debating. You’ve got Supercuts on Tuesday? Well, you can’t keep Paco waiting! So you’re booked up through December? How does January sound? If it’s [...]

The Speech in Brief

Combat troops Disengage. Mission’s changed. Turn the page! Now we train, Show them how. Biden’s there Explaining now. Afghanistan? Pakistan? We’ll defeat The Taliban! Here at home, Middle class Needs a boost. Must haul ass! Troops inspire In times like these. Kept my promise. Love me, please? 

McChrystal the Pistol

A commander must be disciplined, Resisting all temptation To spill remarks which might amount To insubordination. A single careless word may lead To loss of rank and glory. We seek a penalty fifty fold, We seek a penalty fifty fold, We seek a penalty fifty fold For General Stanley’s story! (Tip of the quill to [...]

He doesn’t DISbelieve…

Obama’s agnostic on taxes. He just isn’t sure they exist. From faith he’s aloof. He prefers to have proof. And the Almighty Dollar is pissed!

The Speech in Brief

Real tough year.  Hope’s not dead. Must unite and move ahead! Crisis loomed, big recession. Had to act, avoid depression. Things improved, not enough. Middle class still has it rough. Jobs bill needed right away. On my desk without delay! We cut taxes!  (Awkward pause) Thought that line would get applause! Health reform not much [...]

See Joe Run!

Good Senator Biden, it’s no time for hidin’   your vaunted experience, passion and grit. I hardly need mention, at this year’s convention   you’ve got to be stellar, a bona-fide hit! There’s quite a lot ridin’ on you, Mr. Biden.   Obama’s been slidin’.  McCain’s on the go. The Dems are expecting a guy worth electing – [...]