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Death of a Gag

The secret of a meme’s success Is instant recognition. And yet it entertains us less With every repetition. A formula, when rightly used, Is trendy, fresh and clever. The thousandth time, we’re still amused. “It rocks!” said no one ever.

My Idol

I wish that I were Honey Badger, Rough and rugged, wild and free. Munching cobras, fighting jackals, What a badass I would be! Sadly, I’m a lowly human, Full of worries, fears and doubts. Is my mortgage underwater? Should I eat more Brussels sprouts? Will the price of gas keep rising? Will it be Barack [...]

Takei Curious

I’m not a big celebrity Or star of stage and screen. You’ll never see my causes hyped In “People” magazine. I’ve got no flair for drama And I like myself that way, But I still can’t help but wonder What it’s like to be Takei! I’d be charming, I’d be witty, Never nasty, crass or [...]

A Lucky 99-Percenter

Cops and Bloggers

What is it like For Lieutenant John Pike? Has his thuggish bravado Now taken a hike? With an arrogant swagger He brandished his can, And bringing the pain Made him feel like a man! But now he’s a joke, Spraying hobbit and elf, The Munchkins and Yoda And Jesus himself! He’s sprayed JFK And the [...]


(Tip of the digital pen to the bizarre brains at The Internet is made, it seems, Of facts and falsehoods, fleeting memes, Of Hitler rage and British brats, But most of all, it’s made of cats. Cats too numerous to tell. Cats that make us LOL. Cats that love to squeeze in tight. Spartan [...]

Web of Life

I’ve seen the cutest kittehs And the wacky treadmill dance. I’ve LOL’d at Trololo And Hitler’s countless rants. The classic Numa Numa song Still haunts my every dream. The Internet is now the world, And life is but a meme.