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Web of Life

I’ve seen the cutest kittehs And the wacky treadmill dance. I’ve LOL’d at Trololo And Hitler’s countless rants. The classic Numa Numa song Still haunts my every dream. The Internet is now the world, And life is but a meme.

This Is Your Brain on Technology

Neurologists have diagnosed a loss of concentration As gadgetry rewires our brains for byte-size information. Forget Recherche du Temps Perdu, Ulysses, Moby Dick… Our atrophied attention spans will leave us much too thick! So next time, give the Net a miss. Unless, of course, you’re reading this. 

Happy Place

When life gets tense, a bit off-kilter, I find escape in Metafilter. I hobnob there with cybergeeks, Web designers, gaming freaks, Ska musicians, math professors, Artists, cooks and window-dressers. I see the most amazing comics, Hot debates on economics, Classic photos culled from “Life,” Shatner crooning “Mack the Knife,” An interview with Colonel Klink, Perhaps [...]

Way-Too-Social Network

I’d likely meet a stripper With the body of a troll Or a Bible-thumping Jesus freak Who’s out to save my soul, A goth with too much attitude, A biker dude who’s well tattooed And fat and drunk and bare-ass nude Upon the toilet bowl! How wasted would I have to get To try my [...]