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Extreme Conditions

The soil is dusty, parched and dry. The nation’s drought is now severe. The temperature’s a record high, And rain has passed us by this year. When crops have failed and grass can’t grow, When every herd of cattle croaks, At least we’ll still be cheered to know That climate change is just a hoax!

Summer Scream

It’s a hundred and six in the shade, by God! A hundred and six in the shade! It’s hotter than any blue blazes by far. I’m frying up eggs on the hood of my car. It’s a record, but someone keeps raising the bar! It’s a hundred and six in the shade! I feel like [...]

Hotter and Hotter

The temperature’s a hundred two. I feel like I’m on fire. It seems there’s little left to do But crank the AC higher, Releasing extra greenhouse gas And heat the world to cool my ass. 

Summer Recipe

A quick, easy treat for the summery weather: Mix flour and sugar and butter together, Then add in a couple of eggs, slightly beaten, A dash of vanilla to flavor and sweeten Plus soda for making the batter less heavy. Then bake in the back of a ’69 Chevy.