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Whom to Believe on Health Care Reform?

Obama says it’s awesome. McConnell says it sucks. Pelosi says it’s excellent, Well worth a trillion bucks! Ms. Palin says it’s all a plot By filthy commie swine. But if Sheriff Taylor’s for it, Then you know it’s mighty fine!

Medical Miracle

They’ve done it! ¬†Obamacare lives! Though the haters are now on a mission. If it’s government-run, Then it must be undone. (It’s a long pre-existing condition!) So on to the White House it goes, Where Obama will now okey-doke it. You can holler, “Repeal!” But the change is for real. Put THAT in your tea [...]

Grab your tea and party!

Huzzah! ¬†A fine republican has nabbed a Senate seat! That pinko commie health care bill is doomed to face defeat! We don’t need meddling government to act as our protector. We’d rather take our shaftings from the good old private sector!