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Death By Sugar

The nation’s growing more obese, As scientists and doctors warn. They’ve notified the health police Of Oreos with candy corn! Their color’s got a neon glow. They’re packed with sugar by the ton. Their fiber content’s extra low, And no one ever eats just one! The CDC is quite alarmed. They’ve issued warnings all must [...]

Point to Ponder

The old folks dine on chicken tenders, Twelve-ounce steaks and pork pot pies. They often go on gravy benders, Dousing grits or curly fries! Apple cobblers, huge and weighty, Put me in a pensive mood. How does anyone reach eighty When they eat Bob Evans food?

The Halfway Diet

It’s time to get healthy, so here’s what I’ll do. I’ll simply divide my consumption by two! From now on my limit’s a three-pack of beers. My candy is One-And-A-Half Musketeers. Or a 50 Grand Bar (which is certainly plenty). At Starbucks, a dieci instead of a venti.  A can of V-4 is quite filling, I feel, [...]