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A Greek Tragedy

One nation gave us Sophocles, The Parthenon and feta cheese, A model for democracies. For that we give it praise. But now it’s racked with crushing debts. It’s rumored on the Internets Investors’ fears and deep regrets will drain our IRAs! No comfort comes from Aristotle. I think it’s time to hoist the bottle!

Greek Drama

The workers are striking in Greece, From Athens to Thessaloniki! Each cruise ship and tanker Is lying at anchor. No chef is preparing tzatziki! Prime Minister George Papandreou Is feeling a trifle unsteady. Observing the strikes, He was heard to say, “Yikes! Can it really be Thursday already?”

The Glory that is Grease

I know a guy named Spiro. He’s a wizard with a gyro. He’s a total gyro hero When he serves his awesome eats. They’re succulent and leaky ‘Cause they’re slathered with tzatziki. They’re magnificently Greek-y With their blend of herbs and meats! You’d have to be a zero Not to love a Spiro gyro. Even [...]