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Vocabulary Fail!

An odd little error I lately caught sight of Was use of “in lieu of” in lieu of “in light of.” I cringed as the dissonance rattled my head. Would we now use “in light of” in lieu of “instead?” But whether we’re authors of cookbooks or fiction, We all have occasional lapses in diction. [...]

Farewell to “The”

There is no “the” in iPad, As there is no “a” in Kindle. The article is déclassé. “The Wii” has clearly seen its day, And even hobos, so they say, Now pack their gear in Bindle. Those little words are past their prime. You heard it here in Daily Rhyme.

Grammatical Gripe #6

Though classic Greek and Latin May be tongues of yesteryear, Corruption of the ancient forms Still grates upon my ear. The rules have slowly faded Like some old Pompeiian mural. But “kudos” is the singular, While “media” is plural!