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Whole Grain Badness

I’ve tried my best to eat for health, but now I’ve paid the price. According to the latest news, there’s arsenic in rice! I’ve kept my fiber intake high, I have since I was ten. And only to be murdered by the likes of Uncle Ben! From here on out, I’ll live on fries and [...]

Slimy Goodness

My favorite soda’s lemon-lime. My favorite chips are corn, I think. But as for dietary slime, I’ll always take the kind that’s pink! Its subtle flavor’s quite complex, A gourmet treat that’s fine and rare, A blend of gristle, skin and necks With just a hint of derriere. It isn’t, as the critics say, A [...]

Get Your E. Coli Here!

There’s mouse crap in the hot dog stand And maybe in the relish. Who knows what’s in the mustard, But it’s likely something hellish! The bratwurst smells peculiar, But I’m not a fussy fella. A ball game’s not a ball game Without some salmonella!