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A Real Cutup

I’m sure it’s fun to throw your voice, But frankly, if I had a choice, I’d learn a rarer, subtler art By which I’d deftly throw my fart! My bottom belch would seem to boom From far across a crowded room. I’d let it rip with careless glee, And heads would turn, but not toward [...]

The Passing of Le Petomane

Le Petomane was old and weak. His time had come to pass. His zip had left him, so to speak, For he was out of gas. “C’est tout!” cried out his entourage. “Monsieur has cut his last fromage! Ah, zut alors! ¬†Ah, quel dommage!” Which is to say, “Alas!” And next a thousand tears were [...]


Le Petomane, Le Petomane, You never failed to entertain! From Italy to France and Spain You always filled the hall. With perfect skill and expertise You’d cut the least offensive cheese. You’d need no beans to act out scenes From “Fruit: The Musical!” Le Petomane, Le Petomane, Without the slightest sign of strain You’d imitate [...]