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Share This, Or You’re a Murderer!

Facebook Friends, I read somewhere About a girl who needs a prayer. She drank some water off in Spain, And now there’s cancer in her brain. She then contracted beriberi, Then Ebola (very scary!), West Nile virus, whooping cough, And after that, her butt fell off! Her pustules smell like rotten egg. She suffers gout [...]

Enough Already!

Zynga, Zynga, what’s your thing-a? How much spam do you have to bring-a? Poker and Cityville invitations Givin’ me fits and palpitations! “A friend in Farmville sent you a hoe!” “Post all moves on your Timeline?” No!!! Zynga, Zynga, overkill king-a, Don’t blame me for givin’ the finga!

You Know Who You Are…

Dear Facebook friend, your latest post Is even more obscure than most. You start it with a cryptic “You,” Which begs the reader’s question, “Who?” What follows then, oblique, abstruse, Makes Pynchon look like Dr. Seuss! It’s obfuscation at its best. Am I supposed to be impressed?  

Everything is Awesome

I’m now a fan of raisin bran, Hurricanes, Uzbekistan, Watermelon, comets, curling, Pounding Jaeger bombs and hurling, Chopsticks, dirt, Italian ice, The Elgin Marbles, body lice, Chunk light tuna in the can… If it’s on Facebook, I’m a fan!

A Message from your Friendly Facebook Team

It’s time to change Facebook around! We’ll rebuild the whole thing from the ground! Your pokes, applications And group invitations Were simply too easily found! The revamp of Two Thousand Ten Is the coolest since we-don’t-know-when! Though you’ll tell us to shove it, You’ll soon learn to love it. And that’s when we’ll change it [...]