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On the Last Guy to Use This Urinal

Some dude has high hostility, Dementia or senility, Perhaps a disability, Or else he’s in a rush. It could be insobriety, A lack of all propriety, But though I wish he’d try it, he Can never seem to flush!

Pardon My Effin’ French!

I’ve dropped a few F-bombs while talking some trash. I’m a little too free with the s-dash-dash-dash. I’ve gotten some looks that could burn me to ash From well-mannered women and men. I know I’ve offended some sensitive ears Especially following one or two beers, But clean up my language?  I’ve learned through the years [...]

Doody Call

Bathroom cell phone talker guy, What customs are you living by? The subject of your chatter is of no concern to me. Ensconced within a public stall, You think it’s cool to make a call? It’s frankly quite distracting when I’m trying hard to pee! Bathroom cell phone talker guy, Is this the time for [...]

Etiquette Lesson Number 1

I’ll never understand at all The troglodytes and tools Who use a public urinal But never learn the rules! The males in our society Observe this social grace. Instead of standing next to me, You leave a freakin’ space!!!