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Gotta Have It!

I’m eating again at Los Pollos Hermanos. The chicken’s like nothing I’ve tasted before! So spicy and tender, I go on a bender And down a whole bucket, but still I want more! When I first took a taste, it was instant obsession, A powerful habit I just never shook. My insatiable cravings now lead [...]

Why They Call It Dope

You can keep your marijuana, Crystal meth and belladonna, Your peyote and your booze and benzedrine. I don’t need a needle, bong or Rolling paper any longer, ‘Cause I’m high on something stronger. It’s a drug called Charlie Sheen! Look upon me and despair! I can strafe your underwear! I’m the baddest S.O.B. you’ve ever [...]

Medical Miracle

You can take Amoxicillin Or the latest sulfa drugs, A dose or two of Theraflu In hot and steaming mugs, You can mess with beta blockers, But the remedy you need Is a simple inhalation Of some good old-fashioned weed! It’ll cure appendicitis, Meningitis and the croup. It’ll loosen up the sluices When it’s difficult [...]