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Kill Bill

Obama’s summit on the hill Will soon be televised, While right and left debate his bill With motives undisguised. Now underneath this microscope They may show more veracity. But let’s just say I’m not a dope. As much as I would love to hope, I haven’t the audacity!


How painful to bid you goodbye, Evan Bayh, Your pals in the Senate could cry! Obama’s perspiring To hear you’re retiring. To tell you the truth, so am I! Pelosi and Reid, how they sigh, Evan Bayh, The Dems need a moderate guy! Their momentum is slowing. The tea party’s growing. How painful to bid [...]

Well Beaten

There’s an egg shortage facing the nation. You can’t get ‘em scrambled or fried. Can’t get ‘em with ham In a Denny’s Grand Slam With a couple of cakes on the side! There’s none at McDonald’s or Wendys Or even the fancier places. There’s simply no egg You can borrow or beg, For it’s all [...]