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Peace of Mind

Farmers have their crop insurance, Coverage for drought or hail. I could use some joke insurance. Then I’d fear no Humor Fail! When the sudden, mocking silence let me know my line was lame, When the crickets started chirping, Then I’d simply file a claim. Maybe I would bomb on purpose. “You from Joisey?” “Take [...]

Laughter, the Best Depressant

I love me a gut-wrenching comedy show! The kind where the laughs leave me moody and low. A hilarious act full of brilliance and wit, Revealing that human existence is shit! When it comes to guffaws that can ruin my day, I can’t get enough of that Louis C.K.!

Alter Ego

I’m fairly decent-mannered.  I maintain a civil tone. I open doors for strangers, I’m respectful on the phone. I’m polite to clerks and cabbies, but in truth I have to say That I’ve often dreamed of being Basil Fawlty for a day! A brash and shameless misanthrope, I’d run a shabby inn Where the guests [...]