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Cursed Cups

There are Scrooges making Cratchits sing the bleak December blues. There are Grinches stealing Christmas from the unsuspecting Whos. There are nasty Mr. Potters out to bleed the paupers dry, And now it’s evil Starbucks making baby Jesus cry! They’ve simplified their Christmas cups to basic red and green, Though the Bible tells us Jesus [...]

Only 19 More Stressing Days!

It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet, So how’d we get so near it? I’ve bought no Bailey’s, Grand Marnier Or other Yuletide spirit. I haven’t bought my Christmas cards (They’re out of them at Aldi) Or decked the halls or trimmed the tree Or put on Vince Guaraldi. I haven’t started shopping, Though I know [...]

Oy to the World

The strains of Bach and Handel make our spirits warm and bright. The First Noel’s a charming air, and so is Silent Night. But for jolly tunes and lyrics that will tickle and amuse, The merriest of Christmas songs are those composed by Jews! Berlin knocked out White Christmas by the light of his menorah, [...]