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Stranger in a Strange Land

The godless spouse on Rosh Hashanah Sits in shul, demure and meek. Rises with the congregation. Reads the words, but doesn’t speak. Fixes his unruly kippah, Thinking, “Is it getting hot?” Here’s the part where all are singing. Should he daven? Maybe not. Makes it through the lengthy sermon, Dozing only once or twice. Counts [...]

Cruising for a Big Bang

Dr. Hawking, Dr. Hawking, Your remarks are truly shocking! A creator wasn’t needed For the universe, you say. Those entities you’re knocking Don’t take kindly to your mocking. There’ll be coal inside your stocking On this coming Christmas Day! Dr. Hawking, Dr. Hawking, Hear those theologians squawking! They’re exclaiming, “Gosh!” and “Darn it!” (Which is [...]

Secular Humanist

I’m not the most religious sort. From church I’ve held aloof. Where others trust in providence, I kind of want some proof. As yet I’ve never been reborn, Though some may think it sad. So if you tell me, “Eat, pray, love,” Well, two of three ain’t bad!