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Cut-Rate Creatures

Humanoids on every planet, Some with Nazi hats and boots; Creatures made of slate or granite; Lizard men in rubber suits! A salt fiend with a grip that sucks; A cloud that feeds on fear and stress. It must have cost a hundred bucks To make a Star Trek TOS!

The 100-Light-Year High Club

If I were Captain James T. Kirk, I’d be a love machine. I’d get with every babe I met. (So what if she was green?) From Altair 2 to Rigel 4 I’d make my plays and always score With Deltans, SauriansĀ and more – Perhaps the Vulcan queen! Yes, random sex would be a perk If [...]

Really Close Encounters

The aliens are stalking Dr. Hawking. The direst of his dreams has come to pass. With weird, unearthly gibbering and squawking They’ll go all “Mars Attacks” upon his ass. He tried to give terrestrials a warning. They wrote him off as silly or insane. And so they’ll catch him unawares some morning And feast upon [...]