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Bucket List

Behold the aging baby boomer! Realizing time is short, He does parkour or maybe scuba Just to try a different sport. Better master French and Spanish! Roam the nation in a van! Swim with dolphins! Write a novel! Do some shrooms at Burning Man! Visit Rome and Machu Picchu! Ride a camel! Learn to fly! [...]

Point to Ponder

The old folks dine on chicken tenders, Twelve-ounce steaks and pork pot pies. They often go on gravy benders, Dousing grits or curly fries! Apple cobblers, huge and weighty, Put me in a pensive mood. How does anyone reach eighty When they eat Bob Evans food?

Down from the Mountain

I once would hike the Rockies and would shun the beaten track. I would scale the peaks with sixty pounds upon my youthful back. But now I’ve passed two score and ten, I’ve toned it down a bit. Yet still I have my way of keeping minimally fit. I simply cover half the ground And [...]