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Downhill Fast

The car that you’ve selected
is the finest in its class.
It’s fully fuel-injected,
So it’s easy on the gas.
It’s dependable and sturdy
as a vehicle can be,
Until it’s time to sell you
the extended warranty!

And then it seems the bogle belt
is just about to go.
The Vinson valve is weakening.
The kleeger’s going to blow!
The phlux is kind of flimsy.
To be frank, it really sucks.
Replacing one of those would cost you
eight bazillion bucks!

It’s the height of engineering.
It’s a rattletrap of death.
It’s as solid as Gibraltar.
It’s as safe as crystal meth!
It’s a rapid metamorphosis,
astonishing to see,
In the second that you’re offered
the extended warranty!



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