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The Selection of Sarah Palin

A bunch of the boys were chewin’ the fat
On the old Straight Talk Express.
They’d scoured each state for a running mate
Who’d look damn good in a dress.
But poor Tom Ridge was built like a fridge
And Pawlenty just left ‘em wailin’.
So they dropped ‘em clean for a beauty queen
By the name of Sarah Palin.

She hailed from the land of the midnight sun
Where she shone like the northern lights.
She governed the land with a manicured hand
And the flash of her pearly whites.
You could see that smile for a Yukon mile
And her perky style was thrillin’,
Which helped in her fights for Alaskans’ rights
And the future of Arctic drillin’.

Now John McCain runs a bold campaign.
He’s a maverick, yes, and a rogue.
It’s a daring trick to run with a chick
Who’s appeared in the pages of Vogue.
But he needed the grace of a female face
(Or that’s the thought that’s prevailin’).
It’s the Hero Guy and the Cutie Pie,
McCain and Sarah Palin! 




  1. Sergio wrote:

    Oh, I’ve been checking in since yesterday for your take on the VP news, and you have delivered! This is great, your flowing and effective writing is always such a pleasure to read. Excellent!

    Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Permalink
  2. SOFASRUS wrote:

    Philosophers on a Truth Hunting Trip

    philosophers went out hunting

    both looking for the Truth

    they saw a strange bird on a wall

    one said: ‘It looks uncouth!’


    uncouth uncouth uncouth uncouth

    one said it looks uncouth!

    ‘Consider this,’ two said to her,

    ‘my eye beholds a beauty -

    ok it looks uncouth to you,

    but me, I see a cutsey!’


    cutesy cutesy cutesy cutesy

    me I see cutesy

    ‘No no,’ two said, ‘no symmetry

    it’s gawky wild and savage -

    its feet are so ungainly large

    and what an awkward carriage.’


    carriage carriage carriage carriage

    what an awkward carriage’

    ‘But I perceive a pretty fowl

    my Truth is just as valid,

    why should I measure it with your stick

    and then concede it’s horrid?’


    horrid horrid horrid horrid

    must concede it’s horrid!


    Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 9:38 am | Permalink

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