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The List Goes On

“In December 1972, when a less complicated president
might have been relishing a big re-election victory a month
earier, Richard Nixon had enemies on his mind.”

–Associated Press

Journalists, professors and the like were on his list,
But there’s still a host of enemies that Mr. Nixon missed.
There’s the ever-idle relative who hits you up for bucks;
There’s the guy who’s always clowning, though his sense of humor sucks;
There’s the pious type who peddles his religion door-to-door;
There’s the oaf who drives an SUV the size of Baltimore;
There are spammers, telemarketers and crooks from A to Z;
There’s the bastard who invented the extended warranty!
These enemies are everywhere, behind each fence and wall.
I’m thinking Mr. Nixon wasn’t paranoid at all!


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