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My holiday gift book Christmas Unwrapped has been published by Andrews McMeel and is available through their web site or Amazon!

The publisher says:
“This hilarious collection contains 47 original poems including ‘Battle in the Burbs,’ ‘Ad Nauseam,’ and ‘Maim That Tune’ alongside playful seasonal imagery.  Emmons’ work is guaranteed to ignite the spirit of Christmas, or at least bemused tolerance, in even the most steadfast of Scrooges.”

Here’s a sample of this “lighthearted humor to get you through the holidays.”  If you’d like more, well, you know where to find it!

Homey Holidays

I’ll be home for Christmas
(I go there every year).
A place that’s plain and peaceful
with a cheery atmosphere.
Where winter skies are silvery
and days are cold and sleety.
I’ll be home for Christmas
’cause I can’t afford Tahiti.


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  1. D J. wrote:

    Oooo… simply irresistible.

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 12:54 pm | Permalink

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