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Halloweenies 2


Morty the mummy is quick with a curse.
But when he’s out driving, it gets even worse.
An hour on the freeway will give him conniptions.
(A common complaint among undead Egyptians.)
He glares at the speeders with venom and scorn.
He swears at the slowpokes while pounding his horn.
“Get moving!” he bellows.  ”Come on, look alive!”
He’s frequently heard yelling, “Hang up and drive!”
All motorists ought to take heed and beware.
Just give him wide berth and stay out of his hair.
His ultimate curse is the kind that will linger.
You don’t want a mummy to give you the finger!


Illustration by Chris Harding


One Comment

  1. Lynne wrote:

    Pairing “conniptions” with “Egyptians”… Sheer genius. :-)

    Monday, October 27, 2008 at 8:39 am | Permalink

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