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A Royal Celebration

Hail to the Royals, the victors in Gotham!
We’ll hoist a blue banner and join the parade!
The crowd will get raucous for Cain and Moustakas,
For Gordon and Hosmer, Yordano and Wade!

Our offense was truly a twelfth-inning terror.
For every Mets error, we knew we would score.
Our tenacity punished the hubris of Harvey.
We never were cowed by the hammer of Thor!

There’s Esky and Eddie, aggressive and steady,
And Salvy with toughness to carry him through.
The bullpen has Duffy and Hoch and Herrera,
While Dyson has speed, and you know what it do!

We come from behind and we keep the line moving.
Forget about Granderson’s solo home run!
Our statement’s emphatic and Ned is ecstatic.
The Series is over. The Royals have won!



  1. Annette wrote:


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  2. Scott wrote:

    Thanks, Annette!

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