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Straight Shooter

I’m a guardian of justice
And I keep my eyeballs peeled.
My heart is filled with courage
And my weapon is concealed.
If I think you look suspicious,
You’d be smart to cut and run.
I’m the champion of the innocent,
A good guy with a gun!

I’m a fearless freedom fighter.
I support the NRA,
‘Cause I know the feds are closing in
To take my guns away!
The Amendment’s called the Second,
But to me it’s Number One.
And I’m itching for some action
As a good guy with a gun.

I’m Batman to your Gotham.
I’m a hero through and through.
You’ll see I’m twice as badass
When I’ve had a drink or two.
My shots may be erratic,
But at least I’ll have some fun.
So bring it on, you villains,
I’m a good guy with a gun!


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