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PSYcle of Fame

When your song’s the new sensation
And your video’s gone viral,
When you’ve rocketed to global fame,
Beware the downward spiral!
If you think the praise and accolades
Will last for quite a while,
Your forgotten past will soon come back
To screw you, Gangnam style!

Now perhaps you spoke in anger
Or you’d had too much to drink,
You were stressed beyond your limit
Or you simply didn’t think!
But you sang along with lyrics
That were shocking, rude and vile,
Which is truly unforgivable.
You messed up, Gangnam style!

Though you try to say you’re sorry
And admit that you were wrong,
Your career is quickly blowing up
Just like a Taepodong!
When you shout, “Hey, sexy lady,”
You don’t even get a smile.
It was just a foolish moment,
But you’re buggered, Gangnam style!


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