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The Debate In Brief

R. I can make our nation strong.
O. Everything you say is wrong!
R. Attacking me gets nothing done.
O. Wrong again! (Besides, it’s fun.)
R. I’ll restore our fortunes fast!
O. With policies from decades past?
R. Chaos in the Middle East!
O. Well, bin Laden’s gone at least!
R. Can’t just kill our whole way out.
O. It’s our cred that gives us clout!
R. Fewer ships in Navy’s forces.
O. How ’bout bayonets and horses?
R. Israel’s our bestest friend!
O. I’ll stand by it till the end!
R. Why’d you go apologize?
O. Wow, nice whopper! Want some fries?
R. I love teachers, yes I do!
O. I love teachers more than you!
R. I can fix it. Vote for me!
O. Give me four more years, you’ll see!


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