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The Debate In Brief

R. Bring back jobs? I know how!
O. Notice how I’m feisty now?

R. Hey, I’ve got a five-point plan!
O. Just ONE point, and I’m no fan.

R. Oil production dropped.
O. It grew!
R. Did not!
O. Did too!
R. Did not!
O. Did too!

R. Numbers all add up.
O. Since when?
R. Here’s my five-point plan again!

O. Need more women in the mix.
R. I’ve had binders full of chicks!

O. I like legal immigration.
R. I support self-deportation.

O. Want Bush back? Mitt’s your man!
R. Dubya had no five-point plan!

R. He never said, “an act of terror.”
O. Just ask Candy, you’re in error!
R. Didn’t say it, no siree!
O. Did too!
R. Did not! Infinity!

O. Folks need work, gobs and gobs!
R. Government does not make jobs!

R. I love you all! Can’t you see?
O. He said you’re bums, so vote for me!


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