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I just got word that this old comic verse piece of mine will be printed in an upcoming book, The Violin: A Social History of the World’s Most Versatile Instrument by David Schoenbaum. Easily the classiest place my stuff has ever appeared, considering that some of my earliest publications were in “Sexy Laffs!” The illustration is by my friend, the incredibly talented artist and animator Chris Harding.

Paganini, Paganini,
Mortal, demon, witch or genie,
Mephistophelean maestro
Of the mystic violin!
With the sting of your staccato
And your prickly pizzicato,
When you’d diddle on your fiddle
It was little short of sin!

Paganini, Paganini,
Lean and lanky like linguine,
With a manner that was manic
And satanic when you played,
How your haunting hint of Hades
Would inflame the local ladies!
You were fiery, you were wiry,
You were very often laid!

Paganini, Paganini,
You’re the fiddler’s own Houdini,
A magician-cum-musician,
Be you devil, be you man!
Give the opera buffs Rossini,
Give ‘em Verdi and Puccini.
Call me geek or call me weenie,
I’m a Paganini fan!


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