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The Debate In Brief

O. Tough four years, but we’ve made progress.
R. Five-part plan, folks, vote for Mitt!
O. He’ll cut taxes, five whole trillion!
R. Not and raise the deficit!

R. Growing debt’s a moral issue.
O. Balance cuts with revenue.
R. Dude, you’re just a job-destroyer.
O. I am rubber, you are glue!

O. “Entitlements” helped Grandma prosper.
R. Your plan scuttles Medicare!
O. Vouchers really bite the big one.
R. Private plans kick ass, so there!

R. Regulation is essential,
but you’ve got to do it right.
O. Before the crisis all began,
were regulations too damn tight?

R. I’ll repeal Obamacare!
O. They loved it  back in Boston town.
R. Soaring costs are pre-existing.
Private markets bring them down!

O. Together we do some things better.
Railroads, schools, a whole array.
R. Government protects our freedom.
After that, it’s in the way!

O. Time to make my closing statement?
Well, I’ve sure enjoyed this nap!
R. Yadda yadda, jobs and freedom.
Guess I win this round! Oh, snap!


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