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The Thinking Man’s Drink

There was scintillating brilliance
in the era of Voltaire.
The spark of the Enlightenment
was somehow in the air.
The philosophes would gather
in a neighborhood café,
Where they’d then proceed to jack their brains
on fifty cups a day!

They were scientists and thinkers,
intellectual machines!
And they owed it to the potion
from those darkly roasted beans!
They’d define the Social Contract
in a lively tete-a-tete.
They could write an Enyclopédie
and barely break a sweat!

Now, perhaps I’ll be a genius
if I only follow suit.
I’ll surpass the likes of Diderot
and Montesquieu to boot!
I’ll recast the works of Newton
as an eight-five act play
with the brain-enhancing stimulus
of fifty cups a day!


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