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Effective Decay-Preventive Marketing

In simpler times, when I was young,
My toothpaste brand was Crest.
The only brand with FLOURISTAN,
And so it was the best!
Its taste was cool and mildly sweet.
It had a bluish tint.
But marketers got down to work
And soon it came in Mint.
Fast-forward forty years or so.
The drugstore shelves are packed
With countless new varieties
We never knew we lacked.
There’s Peppermint and Lemon Ice,
Pro-Health and Weekly Clean.
There’s Baking Soda cleansing paste
And gels in blue and green.
There’s Tartar-Fighting Formula
And Cavity Protection.
I think they’ll add Viagra soon
To give you an erection!
Now that’s a strong and growing brand
With marketing behind it!
I still like Regular the best,
If only I could find it.



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