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Royal Pain

The pride of the duchess is battered and bruised.
The princes are shocked, and the Queen’s not amused.
They swear that Great Britain has gone down the tubes,
For the masses have peeked at Kate Middleton’s boobs!
The nobles, the commons, and even ex-suitors
Have all had a gander at Middleton’s hooters.
It does her no good to express her displeasure.
Those fun bags are hailed as a national treasure!
The poor paparazzi are hardly to blame,
For an Englishman’s livelihood’s not just a game.
There are some who build skyscrapers, some write sonatas,
While others take pics of Kate Middleton’s ta-tas!
So why try to fight it? The damage is done.
Though fines have been levied, the tabloids have won.
And some day the Brits will all strike up the band,
Singing, “God save Queen Kate and her great tracts o’ land!”


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