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Frivolous Men

If the battiest, looniest nut job on Earth
Alleges the prez is a Kenyan by birth,
Then stripping the Dems of their vote is our goal!
We’re Kansas Republicans. That’s how we roll!

Don’t try to dissuade us with “reason” or “fact.”
No claim’s too extreme if Obama’s attacked!
They can say he’s Godzilla! A zombie! A troll!
We’ll investigate anything! That’s how we roll!

The initial objection has now been withdrawn,
But we’re meeting on Monday.  We’re still pressing on!
The genie’s uncorked, and we’re out of control!
On the Kansas Objections Board, that’s how we roll!

In November, we’ll gather in dark, dingy bars,
We’ll sip at our brandies and puff our cigars
As we boast of the recent election we stole.
The hell with democracy! That’s how we roll!


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