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The Speech In Brief

Michelle, I love you.  Aren’t I lucky?
Malia, Sasha, you’re just ducky!
Still got school tomorrow, though.
Gotta thank my buddy Joe!
Ready for the big oration?
I accept your nomination!
Way back when, I spoke of hope.
Times were tough, but still we’d cope.
Eight years later, hope’s been tested.
War, recession… We’re not bested!
Campaigns suck, I can’t deny.
Sick of ads?  Well, so am I!
(Here’s where I lift up my voice.)
Now you face your clearest choice!
Not just parties.  Big decisions.
Separate paths, different visions!
We’ll restore the middle class!
The strong U.S. that once kicked ass!
Great Recession hit us hard,
Left us battered, bruised and scarred.
How to fix it?  GOP
Talks of tax cuts constantly.
Feel a head cold coming on?
Take two tax cuts.  Poof!  It’s gone!
That won’t get us back on track.
Must move forward, never back!
Not an easy path to face,
But leads us to a better place!
Choose that future for our nation.
Energy and education!
Jobs for women, jobs for men.
We’re even making stuff again!
And don’t forget the planet, folks.
Climate change is not a hoax!
Opponent’s new to foreign biz.
Cold War time warp’s where he is!
Choose this future! Lower debt,
Decent care for every vet,
Health insurance has to pay,
You’re not excluded if you’re gay,
Peace abroad, tax that’s fair,
And we won’t screw with Medicare!
We won’t go back, we’ve come too far.
Citizens! That’s what we are!
The awesome stuff you’ve seen me do,
Don’t deny it — that was YOU!
Our path is on an upward slope,
But U.S. heroes give me hope!
So choose your future carefully.
We’ll work together!  Vote for me!



  1. Eri wrote:


    Friday, September 7, 2012 at 1:38 pm | Permalink
  2. <> I guess that means he’s getting another four years, which I hope he does, or maybe you’re going back to his 2004 speech before he was a candidate?

    Friday, September 7, 2012 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

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