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Use Your Imagination, Hank!

Hank Williams Jr., is that all you’ve got?
Obama’s a Muslim? Your story ain’t squat!
Now, why be so tame when you know it’s not true?
(Assuming you don’t have a grapefruit’s I.Q.!)
You could say he’s the Penguin, the Riddler, the Joker!
Whatever, as long as it’s not mediocre!
Or say he’s a pirate who dines on roast sailor.
The reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler!
Or maybe a robot whose brains are berserk,
Or that alien lizard that fought Captain Kirk!
Imagine the marvelous claims you can make
When you don’t give a damn that they’re totally fake!
It’s an unwritten rule: if you’re going to spread lies,
At least try to make them the maximum size!


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