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For the Fairer Sex

Girls are girls and guys are guys.
Their tastes and talents rarely mix.
So ladies, just for you — Surprise!
We’re introducing Bics for Chicks!

They come in lovely fashion hues.
(We know just how you get your kicks!)
The nicest, cutest curlicues
Are lightly penned with Bics for Chicks!

Your hands are meant for finer things
Than chopping logs or laying bricks.
Like filing nails and wearing rings
And drawing hearts with Bics for Chicks!

For entries in your diaries,
Reviews of sweet, romantic flicks,
For copying your recipes,
You can’t go wrong with Bics for Chicks!

They’re yours alone.  No boys allowed.
No Harrys, Toms — Of course, no Dicks!
Among the dainty, girly crowd,
No pen can beat our Bics for Chicks!


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