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I’m a negative campaigner. I can sling my weight in mud.
I’ll assert that my opponent’s buying sex from Elmer Fudd!
I’ll imply that wearing dresses is the least of all his quirks.
It’s a blatant load of garbage, but it works!

My opponent strangles kittens in a pagan cult of death,
And he hires illegal immigrants to cook his crystal meth.
He absconds with Christian babies just to sell them to the Turks.
And of course I’ll say he’s Hitler, ’cause it works!

I can say he’s in the Taliban.  It really is a riot.
I could claim that he’s a Klingon and a bunch of you would buy it!
I’ll admit that I’m a scumbag and the king of all the jerks.
I’m a lying S.O.B. because it works!


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