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One Chick, One Dude

We’re a family operation,
And our mission’s very broad.
We do more than peddle chicken,
We enforce the will of God!
We’re the guardians of righteousness,
So here at Chick-fil-A,
We approve of love and marriage,
But condemn it if it’s gay!

The law is in Leviticus,
Right there in white and black.
(There are umpteen hundred others,
But on those we’ll cut some slack.)
Now, we’re all for carnal knowledge
In a marriage rightly made.
Why, in holy matrimony,
We should all get Chick-fi-Laid!

Yes, between a man and woman,
If the union has been blessed,
Then it’s sinful to be boneless.
Do your duty, grab a breast!
If you charge us, we’ll say, “Guilty!”
It’s the Bible we obey.
So your marriage should be happy,
But we draw the line at gay!


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